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What is an Urban Running Tour?

URT is the only company that provides customized running tours through the streets of Buenos Aires City. Each tour has an approximate duration of 1.5 hours (10km or 6.25 miles). Every tour is guided by a professional runner-guide who is also in charge to provide touristic information about the city. We offer customized tours to visit the Buenos Aires most emblematic neighborhoods and we arrange our tours regarding the tourist accommodation location and preferred time. We also offer group tours with fixed schedule and route.

Do I have to book my Urban Running Tour in advance?

Yes. The sooner the better, in order to round up the details of the Tour. Depending on availability, we will also be able to organize tours from one day to another.

How do I confirm my reservation and details of my Urban Running Tour?

The reservation must be sent from our website reservation form. The details of the tour will be agreed by email.

Are there more people in the Tour?

The tours are personalyzed. Anyway if you are in the city with a group of people, you will be able to book one of our tours all together with your friends or relatives. In this cases we offer an special discount. We don´t mix up groups.

What is included in the price?

The price includes:

  • Local Runner Guide during the whole Tour
  • Water
  • Souvenir Urban Running Tours
  • Digital pictures of you during the Tour (to be sent later by email)

Do I have to sign a disclaimer?

Yes. Before you start your Urban Running Tour you will be required to sign a disclaimer form.

Where do I meet my Guide?

The guide will meet you at your place. Usually we agree to meet in the lobby of the hotel/hostel where you are staying. Our guides run with the official Urban Running Tours T-shirt and with a back-pack. They are easily recognizable.

What if I am staying outside the city?

In that case we can agree to meet in the tour you have selected starting spot. We can also arrange transportation with an extra charge.

What happens if there is bad weather?

If the Tour should be cancelled due to bad weather, we offer two options: to cancel the Tour with no cost, or to rebook it for another day.

Can I take pictures during the tour?

Yes, you can take pictures during the tour. Our guide will also take pictures of you during the tour. He will also wear a back-pack to carry your personal objects.

How do the group tours work?

The group tour is more affordable. It stars in a prestablish spot, always at the same time and with a fixed route of 10k. This kind of tours gives you the chance to meet other people and to spend a good time while you visit the city. The allowed max ammount of runners is 10.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

You should wear the gear you usually use to run. We recommend to use good running shoes and clothes. We will email you the wheather forecast so you can choose the right clothes to wear that day.

Which is the longest distance I can run?

In the case you wish to book a longer tour, please contact us so we can organized a tour to fit your needs.

Does Urban Running Tours offers Tours all year round?

Yes. We run all year round throughout Buenos Aires.